MDH Panama

Panama City is a metropolis with few like it, a veritable Singapore of Central America. Panama City is a financial hub of the world and home to numerous international businesses. We love to share our beliefs about why we think Panama is consistently rated as one of the top 3 best places in the world to live work and retire; we also love sharing why we think Panama is one of the best places to invest in, not only for yourself but for your family.

Acquiring a Panama property opens doors to more opportunities than you can imagine, and it is a beautiful destination so close to home, the perfect blend for an ex-pat, international businessperson, and global traveler.

We at Pensio Realty S.A.  are excited to announce our latest development project we truly believe is one of the best investments and Panama Visa options in the world.

The Mini Design House "MDH"

224 Independently Operated Short-Term Extended Stay Investment Real Estate Units.

Located on Calle 57, a 10-minute leisurely walk to Panama’s financial hub, with its shimmering skyscrapers, the Mini House Design units are one of a kind, in a city with a vibrant nightlife, rich history, and a short drive from beaches and one of the world's most diverse accessible trans-ocean ecosystems.


Life in Panama

Panama is a world-class country, an international hub with a new international airport. 

  • For some, Panama is the Manhatten, London, Hong Kong, or Shanghai of Latin America with multiple shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

  • It is extremely safe to live in Panama.

  • Panama is a friendly and diverse country.

  • Panama is one of the best places in the world to retire, according to Forbes International living for the past 10 years.

  •  Panama is a beautiful playground. The only country in the World that combines big city life close to untouched beaches and ecotourism. It has the largest biodiversity on earth, with Caribbean and Pacific beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, and reefs only a few hours apart.

  • Panama has a new international airport, with flights to all of the leading destinations in the World. The Panama canal is the global sea lane.

  •  Private schooling is offered in Chinese, Greek, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. There are many university and college options, and Permanent Residents whose children want to study in America can easily obtain a student visa as a Panama Permanent Resident.

  •  Panama's private health care system is affordable and one of the best private health care systems in the world today, one of the reasons why it was ranked as one of the best places to live in the world today.

  • Many international companies in the top 500 have relocated headquarters their headquarters to Panama City.

  • Panama has transformed into an economic leader in Latin America in a stable and sustained manner over the past ten years. Panama ranks as the 42nd most competitive economy in the World (out of 138), second in Latin America only to Chile (33) and ahead of "developed" economies such as Italy or Portugal. Over 75% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is derived from services (including roughly 10% from the Panama Canal), while agriculture and industry account for the rest.

Advantages of Residency in Panama

  • Panama permanent residents have similar tax advantages as Hong Kong or Singapore: no worldwide taxes, low capital gains taxes, no inheritance taxes, and no wealth taxes. Probably one of the lowest taxation systems in the world today.

  • Panama is one of the World's leading Banking and offshore centers with a choice of over 50 banks and access to Chinese Banks Like the Bank of China as well as numerous international banking options.  CRS reporting will be to Panama if you are a tax resident and not to other countries

  • Permanent Residents are encouraged to incorporate a Panamanian company to make their purchase to further capital gains tax advantages.

  • Panama companies and Panama registered Foundations can provide excellent asset protection and tax optimization.

  • Panama is the home to many Family Offices registered for global investments.