How it Works

Mini Design House "MDH"

252 decorated, furnished, turnkey short-term extended stay real estate units, priced depending upon the model type (three available options) and the floor location. Ask your agent for the price and real estate unit availability list.


Purchase and Financing Down Payment and Deposit Schedule

The purchase and financing down payment deposit amount is US $39,999 for all MDH furnished real estate units regardless of the model and price payable as follows

  • US $5,000 upon your execution of the purchase, financing, and property management agreements “Purchase Agreements”

  • US $15,000 within 30 days

  • US $19,999 within 90 days

Rental Income Guarantee

The purchaser must enter into a property management agreement with Pensio Realty S.A. which, guarantees an annual $4,800 cash on cash payment, real estate unit monthly financing payment, and payment of all operational expenses secured by a Surety “rental income performance bond“ underwritten by Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., a Protected Cell Captive insurance company domiciled in the United States reinsured by global reinsurers rated A.M. Best A– Excellent.

Financing the Balance of the Purchase Price

You must pay the minimum down payment of US $39,999 to qualify and we will finance the balance of your MDH furnished real estate unit purchase price for a term of 20 years, payable in 240 fixed monthly payments. Ask your agent for the fixed term financing schedule for each model type and floor location. Fixed-term payments will vary depending upon the real estate unit purchased.



You can cancel your MDH real estate unit purchase within 3 days of execution of the Purchase Agreements and we will refund 100% of your US $5,000 deposit. You must give us your notice of cancellation by email notice to There are no refunds after 3 days for any reason.


Closing & Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee the closing and occupancy of your MDH furnished real estate unit on or before December 15, 2023. A completion bond underwritten by an insurer guarantees the delivery of a completed MDH furnished real estate unit. Your Purchase Agreement will be registered on the government title registry when you pay your $39,999 deposit, and after all 240 finance payments have been paid, we will transfer you the deed.

Pensio Property Management Program

The Pensio program is an initial 5-year turnkey property management agreement providing owners with an annual 12% guaranteed cash on cash net operating income. The property management agreement is renewable every 5-years. We estimate the guaranteed net operating income will increase after every 5-year term.


Who is Pensio -

Pensio Global the parent company of Pensio Realty S.A. Panama is a property and risk management company with over US $2 Billion in property under contract. Pensio is a Participating Member of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., a Protected Cell Captive insurance company “Rentalis” domiciled in the United States reinsured by global reinsurers rated AM Best A- Excellent or better. Pensio property management services and guaranteed rental income to you are underwritten by a surety “Rental Income Performance Bond” insured 100% by Rentalis. The property management program and fixed-term financing tailored cannot be canceled unless you payout the financing. However, you can sell your MDH furnished real estate unit anytime. The financing and the property management program are transferrable subject to purchaser approval.


Pensio Rental Income Guarantee (NOIs starting from 27%)

The Pensio property management program regardless of whether the MDH furnished real estate unit was rented or vacant pays:

  • all monthly operational expenses (condominium fees, utilities, annual property tax, and annual property and casualty insurance)

  • furniture repair or replacement, soft goods replacement, real estate unit damage repair, and maintenance fees

  • pays quarterly payments of $1,200 ($4,800 annually) based on 12% cash on cash payment

  • pays your $700 monthly financing payment* (*annual average $8,400 depending upon the model purchased) 

Pensio shall retain all rental income earned above the guaranteed net rental income


Flex Use

You and your invited guests can use and enjoy your MDH furnished real estate unit for an unlimited number of days each year. You must reserve the dates you want with Pensio, and whether they are used or unused you will be charged at 100% of the daily advertised rate. We will reduce your quarterly yield payment for the days used or unused you reserved.